Consider data-visualization as a universal language, in this metaphor, bars, pies, labels and other graphical marks are all parts of speech, and a grammar of graphics defines a plot or a chart, which is a single statement. Just like any language, to narrate a complete meaningful story, data-visualization does need many other supporting statements placed in sequence compiled as a report with filters etc., these stories can be consumed statically as images or interactively in BI tools or other interactive presentations, but the story and insights are the crux that is to be presented by the visual.

What most BI tools and visualization programs do is package large volumes of data into reports that are interactive and useful but are also boring to regularly visit and explore. Greetings by Wishyoulization is a proposal for a programmable pipeline that renders charts as a high resolution video clip sequence creating a movie. Similar to the stories feature on Instagram or Whatsapp, a greeting is a short video clip that tells you a story. Imagine all the fitness data your phone collects for you, the steps, the calories, the heat rate, you did check all those cool features for some time, now image all the key insights are compiled to a short 30 second data-visualization movie with colorful motion graphic style renders and animations that get delivered to you directly? That's a greeting from data. We can do this for almost any kind of data that needs to be consumed by humans!

Proof of concept and architecture to follow soon.