Custom visuals are like Lego blocks you can use on a PowerBI dashboard, below are the bricks made by me!

Iridium: Embedded Computational Notebooks in Power BI

Embed a computational notebook to use the full power of JavaScript to create bespoke visualizations without ever having to leave power BI.

Example gif here shows how I analyze my Strava data imported to Power BI with D3 canvas based maps of polylines clustered using turfjs library and also other custom visuals imported from observable, but the notebook is a blank canvas that can be leveraged to make any thing you wish on the web.

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An animated pictographic bar chart for building visually appealing Power BI reports.

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ANIMATED Bar Chart Race

The familiar bar chart turns fascinating with a new trendy feature to animate bars racing to the top based on ranks.

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Visualize categorical data, like census, survey data, inventory, etc., that can be summed up in a cross-tabulation in a simple, interactive way to explore and analyze it, additionally use this as a slicer to filter the page.

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